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Accessibility, Conservation, and Sustainability

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Maine Adventure Company is a family business, founded by long time Mainers. A special Father/Son road trip up and through the Allagash was the beginning of a dream to give as many people as a possible the ability to access Maine and the greater Northeast.

Our family foundation in the Moosehead Lake region and North Woods boasts a long history of guiding and lumber work. As an avid outdoors family, we love backpacking, camping, fly fishing, paddling and surfing. Doing these things, we continue to relearn how amazing and vast Maine is. One of our greatest passions is to share how special Maine is with others.

We knew that getting to some of he most amazing places in Maine and the Northeast was difficult and staying there was even more difficult. That made it impossible for so many to enjoy the experience that we shared and grew up with and around.

When our passion of sharing the experience of Maine came together with the our understanding of camper vans and adventure vehicles we knew we had something that could give more people the access to Maine that everyone deserves. 

We purchased our first van in September of 2022. We now have 2 vans and 2 Jeep Gladiators to help you get out and enjoy the Northeast.



This company started on the foundation of creating greater access to nature, educating on ways to conserve our environment, and practice and inspire sustainabilityOur Vans provide access to all parts of wild Maine, sharing the adventurous experience while providing comfort and security.


We collaborated with local manufacturers and developed unique van builds that help create a premier experience. We are the first company in Maine to use such a highly specialized off-road, solar based off-grid build in these Class B Camper Vans.

We want to share our Maine Experiences with you while we give back to our community, and our land. Maine and its pure beauty can be life-changing and has been for those that represent Maine Adventure Company. We want to help you find your adventure.

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