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Maine's Best RV Rentals

Our goal is provide you with the Northeast's Premier Camper Van experience. We want to get you out to to find your adventure while still giving you the comfort of a hotel.

What really sets us apart is that we a one-stop full service company for your adventure. Our vans are thoughtfully outfitted for you to be self-sufficient for the entirety of your stay. We service everything for you before and after your stay. That includes linens, toilets, and the water systems.

Currently our fleet features the 'Kineo", the "Katahadin" and the "Allagash. Our vans are designed and specialized for adventure travel and each have can cater to different needs.


All of our vans are all season, and all weather! Featuring Maxx Air Fans and efficient off-grid heating systems. Come for any season in Maine and we can have you on your way..


All vans also have complete off-grid functionality allowing you to have all the comforts of home no matter where you are. We have outfitted our vans to carry all your gear and give you access to the most wild parts of Maine and the northeast!



The Kineo features a simple, clean and efficient design. The Kineo has the most versatility in it's design. The kineo is great for friends on a trip, a couple, or when you travel with a small child or pet! It allows you to have two separate sleepers, a third seat or an open concept. With all your needs, and open space it keeps you on the move. 


2023 visit portland-090.jpg

The Katahdin is our ultimate comfort vehicle. This vehicle is the perfect go between of RV life and adventure camping. With an indoor hot shower, enclosed bathroom space and extra cooking space you have your comforts available. The Katahdin is great for a couples trip, or a great way adventure solo with the your comforts of home, and you can bring your pet along!

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