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What Makes it a Maine Adventure Van?


4 Season Comfort

It is true what you have heard, Maine does in fact get cold, but it's fun to play in the cold and snow. You need a base camp and comfort to come home to. Our vans have a top of the line Wabasto heating system that works all night on our off-grid system. Too hot in the summer? We have a Maxx Air Fan and custom windows for your off-grid solutions.

Adventure Ready

The amenities for your trip have been carefully selected and supplied in our van. If you fly in to Maine we are able to meet you at the airport. From there you can get in our van and won't need anything but your clothes and a quick stop at the grocery store. You can check our list of supplied goods here

Off-Grid and Off-Road

Get away and disconnect. No need for hook-ups or a running van. Our vans charge on the alternator as you drive and solar when you aren't. There are built-in toilets and hot water showers. Maine has some of the most accessible public lands and dispersed camping options in the country. In our vans, you don't need a campground or facilities.

How Does Our Van Rental Process Work?

Our booking pages look and act like Airbnb. Our booking process is like any rental car transaction. We use straight forward per night pricing and provide insurance options for those who want it or don't have coverage on their current insurance.

Depending on your needs we have two pick up locations, we pick you up at the Portland International Jetport (PWM) or we will meet at our designated location in Brunswick, ME where we provide free and safe overnight parking. 

Our goal is to help you experience your next memorable adventure exploring the Northeast. We provide value through giving you freedom, transportation, and accommodation all in one.

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Pick up and Drop-Off

  • Pick up from us as early as 10AM.

  • ​Earlier pick-up available for a fee by selecting our Early Pick Up/Late Drop Off add on 

  • Pick Up From 2 Locations! 

  • PWM Jetport Pick Up​

  • Brunswick Landing in Brunswick, ME

  • Drop-Off as Late as 2PM

  • ​Late drop off available for a fee by selecting our Early Pick Up/Late Drop Off add on

  • Drop-Off Without Dumping

  • Although we would prefer you did, we are happy to provide service around dumping and managing waste​

  • Drop off Etiquette

  • Drop-off is just like a rental car. Please fill the gas tank and leave the vehicle respectfully clean. Fees will apply if expectations are not met.​



Nightly Rates

May - October

Kineo - $289

Katahdin - $309​


Winter Seasonal Rates

November - April

30% discounted off nightly rates​​


Extended Trips

  • ​7+ nights - 10% off 
  • 14+ nights - 15% off

Group Trips

  • Group trips are the ultimate way to get out and explore. If your group books multiple vehicles, simply add up the total number of nights booked across all vans and we’ll apply the extended trip discount to your trip if it qualifies. 

What are some rules and requirements for booking?

  • Minimum renter/driver age is 25. Valid drivers license required.

  • Reservations include 200 miles per day and $0.50 per mile over. (example - 3 nights/4 days receives 800 miles)

  • 2 night winter and 3 night summer booking minimum.

  • Cancellation fees: 75% refund up to 7 days before pickup, 50% refund for remaining days. If you fail to show on the day of your rental, we have to charge the full rental fee.

  • $500 security deposit will be charged before day of pickup and refunded upon the return of the undamaged camper van and gear


Options and Support

We require that you carry insurance coverage for your rental vehicle. You can do this through your own policy, or by purchasing a basic renter’s insurance policy through our carrier. When booking you are able to add the Outdoorsy Insurance Policy or you can elect to decline insurance protection. Each of these options are described below.



Personal Insurance

  • Summary:  If your personal insurance extends coverage to our vehicle, you can use this insurance for your rental. Not all insurance companies cover these types of rentals. Learn more here, and contact your agent.

    • How it works: We will ask for copy of your ID and insurance card

    • What you get: Whatever coverage and limits you have on your policy.

    • Cost: No additional cost beyond what you’re already paying for your policy.

    • Drawbacks: If there is an incident your insurance company will be involved and this can impact your premiums. You are responsible for any amounts beyond your policy limits. Also, if your carrier declines coverage, you are on the hook for everything. 


Outdoorsy Insurance

  • Summary: If your personal auto insurance doesn’t cover our rigs or you don’t have it (i.e. don’t own a car, or international traveler), you are required to buy this renters’ insurance 

    • When renting a campervan through Outdoorsy, we offer supplemental insurance options to give you peace of mind during your trip.

    • Our insurance options include liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.

    • These options can help protect you and your vehicle case of accidents, theft, or damage.

    • We highly recommend considering these options to ensure a worry-free adventure

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