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Maine Trip Ideas: Your Ultimate Maine Specific Resource Guide

1. Maine State Parks Website: Maine is home to 48 state parks and historic sites! This is a diverse list with amazing offerings and locations. Many of these have low cost or free camping options. The official website of Maine State Parks provides information on camping options within the state park system. You can find details about campground amenities, availability, and reservation systems.

2. Maine Public Reserved Land Camping: Nearly all Public Lands in Maine provide free wilderness camping and campsites. There are over 3 dozen public reserved lands totaling over 600,000 acres.The Maine Public Reserved Land Camping website provides details on camping opportunities in the state's public reserved lands. These lands offer remote and secluded camping options, and the website provides information on camping regulations, permits, and locations.

3. Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands: The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands manages a variety of public lands, including state parks, historic sites, and public reserved lands. Their website offers information on camping opportunities, rules, and regulations.

4. Visit Maine Website: Visit Maine is the official tourism website for the state and provides a wealth of information on outdoor activities, including camping. You can find resources for planning your trip, discovering new destinations, and exploring camping opportunities across the state.

5. Maine Camping Guide: The Maine Camping Guide is a comprehensive directory of campgrounds throughout the state. It includes private campgrounds, state parks, and other camping options, providing details on amenities, rates, and contact information.

6. Maine Trail Finder: Maine Trail Finder is an online resource that helps you discover hiking trails, including those with camping options, in various regions of Maine. You can search for trails based on difficulty, length, and location, and find details on campsites along the trails.

7. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) website provides information on hunting, fishing, and wildlife-related activities in the state. While primarily focused on hunting and fishing, it also offers resources on camping in wildlife management areas and public lands.

8. Maine Outdoor Adventure Club: The Maine Outdoor Adventure Club (MOAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor activities in Maine. They organize group trips, including camping outings, and their website serves as a community forum where members share trip reports and recommendations.

9. Maine Appalachian Trail Club: If you're interested in backpacking and camping along the Appalachian Trail in Maine, the Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) is an invaluable resource. Their website provides trail updates, maps, and information on campsites and shelters along the trail.

10. Maine Campground Owners Association: The Maine Campground Owners Association (MECOA) represents privately-owned campgrounds throughout Maine. Their website offers a directory of member campgrounds, complete with descriptions, amenities, and contact information.

11. Maine Tourism Association: The Maine Tourism Association website is a valuable resource for planning outdoor adventures in Maine. It provides information on camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and other recreational activities across the state. You can find travel guides, event listings, and suggestions for exploring different regions of Maine.

12. Maine Trail Finder: Maine Trail Finder is an online database that offers detailed information about hiking, biking, and multi-use trails in Maine. It includes trail descriptions, difficulty ratings, maps, and user reviews. You can search for trails that offer camping options as well.

13. Maine Wilderness Guides Organization: The Maine Wilderness Guides Organization (MWGO) is a group of licensed professional guides who specialize in wilderness adventures in Maine. Their website provides information on guided trips, including camping excursions, with experienced guides who can help you explore remote and pristine areas.

14. Maine Birding Trail: If you're interested in birdwatching during your camping trip, the Maine Birding Trail is a fantastic resource. It highlights various birding hotspots across the state, including public lands, wildlife refuges, and coastal areas, where you can camp and enjoy birdwatching opportunities.

15. Maine Coast Heritage Trust: If coastal camping is on your agenda, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) offers information on public access points, preserves, and conservation lands along the Maine coastline. Their website provides details on coastal camping opportunities and recommendations for exploring Maine's beautiful shorelines.

16. Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry: The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry website provides information on outdoor recreational activities, including camping, in state parks, public lands, and forests. It offers details on campgrounds, trails, and other amenities.

17. Maine Huts & Trails: Maine Huts & Trails is a non-profit organization that maintains a network of backcountry huts and trails in western Maine. Their website offers information on hut-to-hut hiking and camping options, along with trail maps, reservations, and services.

18. Maine Snowmobile Association: If you're planning a winter camping trip or interested in snowmobiling, the Maine Snowmobile Association website provides trail maps, conditions, and information on snowmobile-friendly accommodations, including campgrounds.

19. Maine Fish and Wildlife: The Maine Fish and Wildlife website provides resources for outdoor enthusiasts, including information on camping in wildlife management areas, hunting, fishing, and boating opportunities. It offers details on public lands and camping regulations.

20. Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization: If you're interested in canoeing or kayaking during your camping trip, the Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization website offers information on races, events, and paddling routes throughout the state. It can help you discover scenic waterways for camping and paddling adventures.

21. Maine Island Trail Association: The Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) is a non-profit organization that maintains a water trail along the Maine coast. Their website provides information on camping on remote islands, including access points, camping guidelines, and safety considerations.

22. Maine Campgrounds and RV Parks Association: The Maine Campgrounds and RV Parks Association is a resource for finding private campgrounds and RV parks across the state. Their website provides a directory of member campgrounds, along with information on amenities and services.

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