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Love the Outdoors? Why You Should Take a Camper Van Trip

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Image: Capshore photography

Check out why we love to take our adventure vans out in to the wilderness!

1. Access! Access! Access!: The northeast has the most forested land in the continental U.S. It is home to a plethora of state and national parks, and public and protected lands. Outdoors and wilderness travel is the number one way to experience the Northeast U.S. and Canada. Maine Adventure Company Camper Vans have rugged upgrades and off-grid electric to take you through the unpaved. A camper van can provide you with access to remote wilderness areas, allowing you to explore natural wonders that would otherwise be difficult to reach. You can camp in these remote spots, hike in untouched wilderness, and enjoy the peace and solitude of nature.

2. Self-sufficiency: When traveling in wilderness regions, it can be challenging to find resources such as food, water, and fuel. Do you want to go back to town every single night or do you want to push forward in to the remote. Exclesior, forever onwards in a Camper Van! With a camper van, you can carry all the supplies you need to be self-sufficient, allowing you to explore these regions without worrying about running out of essentials. Cook your favorite foods with out worry of environmental factors. Leave the unpredictable behind and stay in control of your vacation!

3. Flexible Vactions: The Northeast is a huge space. Maine has a longer coastline than California and has more forested land than anywhere else in the U.S. Don't you want to be able to see and experience as much of that as possible? What if you're staying in a vacation home in the mountains and the forecast is rain for the whole week? What a bummer of your week off. What if something is off with your plans, something didn't work out as you thought? Last minutes calls or quick changes are so easy when traveling in Camper Van. With a Camper Van, you have the ability to make the most of your vacation and stay flexible.

4. Safety: There is no better home base or basecamp! In wilderness regions, safety is paramount. Give yourself an added feeling of secureness that will convince you to go places you were unwilling to before. You have the best protection from wildlife and inclement weather. We all love our gear, keep your gear just as safe as you are!

5. Comfort in rugged terrain: Tents are difficult for a lot of people. You are not very mobile with your oversized RV or travel trailer, and most need hook ups. Find the perfect in between. You can consider a Camper Van a mobile motel. Traveling in wilderness regions can be physically challenging, especially if you're hiking or camping in rugged terrain. A camper van can provide a comfortable and convenient refuge after a long day of exploring, allowing you to relax, rest, and recharge before your next adventure.

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